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Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Autism Specialist

Exciting News: We’ve Moved Online!

Dear valued clients,

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new website for Leslie Stanberry Counselling Services. Your mental well-being journey with me just got a digital upgrade!

Visit now: www.lesliestanberrycounsellingservices.com

The new site offers an enhanced experience and easy access to key information. I'm confident you'll find it both valuable and user-friendly.

Thank you for your unwavering trust in my services. I remain deeply committed to our shared path towards mental and emotional well-being. Here's to our journey together!


Leslie Stanberry


Leslie is an autistic counsellor; who specialises in tailored counselling and mentoring for clients with autism.

He is based in South West London, near Richmond, and available for online sessions on a Global basis.

Leslie is aiming to: 'Forge a better understanding between neurotypical and #neurodiversecommunication'

He is: ‘One of the few autistic counsellors out there – who is also qualified in EMDR therapy for trauma’

"As an experienced professional; who worked for over 11 years as a counsellor at the NAS Ladbroke Grove Centre, I motivate my clients through the autism - specific counselling sessions to recognise what they need as individual, human beings so that they may work towards their highest potential."

"I have developed an empathetic understanding of my clients needs, to help them to develop coping mechanisms, insights and an evolving awareness."

"I also encourage working towards an overall sense of wellbeing, such as with reiki in South West London, which seems to go hand in hand with the counselling. I would recommend reiki alongside other relaxation techniques as a helpful contribution to mindful, autism-aware, counselling experiences."

*Sessions can be arranged to suit clients' individual needs.

Integrative Counselling:

As an integrative counsellor I use three main counselling approaches; which when used in conjunction with each other, become a very effective form of counselling:

Psychodynamic: This can help address unresolved childhood issues.

Existential Phenomenology: This can help a person deal with past and upcoming events; allowing them to fully engage in the present.

Person Centred: This can help address a person’s self-autonomy, their own potential and how they value themselves and others.
This is also why I admire the reiki techniques that I have learnt about in South West London as they focus upon bringing a sense of calm and invigoration to the individual.

Leslie is successful at helping children, adolescents and adults who have been isolated without outside support, and who have sometimes become over - reliant on parents.

The demands of the condition:
The world is familiar/the world is unfamiliar
The world is friendly/the world is unfriendly

With isolated individuals - who may be children or adults - perhaps still living at home with parents on the fringes of society, there may be a feeling of helplessness and abandonment. There may be a situation where they are left to their own resources, and where the children become resentful in having to be over - reliant on the parent/parents to provide all their support needs related to the neurodiversity/neurodiversities and/or additional physical disabilities.

Through additional mentoring and consultation Leslie signposts and builds up an awareness about support organisations and services who recognise the importance of concentrating on key skills. Leslie also places an emphasis upon the importance of developing independence.

Furthermore, connecting with these organisations and services helps to inform the parents as well, so that they can develop a greater understanding surrounding the need to engage with organisations and services for support and independence for both their children and for themselves.

- Please feel free to call or email me for further questions and to book introductory appointments.
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~ Browse the following website pages, such as the About Me section, for more detailed information concerning counselling, my qualifications and experience, location and the various ways in which we can speak online/ or by phone.

~ Also, if interested on learning more about my recent research into therapy for autism do follow my new blog and social media sites for the latest articles and insights.




All clients are treated in a respectful, compassionate and professional manner, and all counselling sessions are confidential.


Increased opportunities for online counselling -

I am also happy to take on more sessions with clients over the phone or via communication platforms such as Skype, FaceTime or Zoom on a regular basis.

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